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I will come to your place of employment, home, hospital, law firm, tow yard, car dealership, bank or the loan closing office of your property. You can be assured that my title notaries are the best in Las Vegas and will complete the job quickly and accurately. If you are in need of a mobile notary, you can call me at (702) 275-7220.

Mobile Notary Las Vegas

I have been in business for many years, my notary service will help you in signing important documents, such as, titles, power of attorneys, last will and testaments, car title transfers, and even closing on your property. There are many uses for title notaries, and a good one should be kept close by.

Benefits of using Mobile Notary Las Vegas

There are many benefits to a mobile notary, you can relax and be assured that the notary will arrive on time and with all the supplies needed to secure your documents. If you are on a private car lot and wish to purchase a vehicle and the notary is not available from the lot office, my mobile notary is only a phone call away.

Traveling notaries have been around for centuries and offer their services along with a very important convenience. Mobile notaries work hard to keep the tradition of the former traveling notary. Mobile Notary Las Vegas is a great way to easily transfer titles from your name to another, making the document legally binding with the help of a licensed notary.

Mobile Notary Las Vegas Oath

Title notaries, just as with any notary from within the United States, will be required to uphold their oath and will have you do the same during the signing procedure. The jurat is an official statement that the mobile notary or other notary will have written to produce a statement that they administered and witnesses an affirmation or oath from the signing parties.

It is basically an affidavit to the effect that the person was sworn in or has affirmed to the information being the truth for the documents contents. The title notaries will have you simply sign where it states that you solemnly swear that the contents of the affidavit is correct and true, you will have to sign and date it as well.

Mobile Notary Las Vegas and all other Las Vegas title notaries are required to uphold the law to its fullest, every document has to be sworn to be true and legally binding before the notary can give his or her official stamp of approval.